When presented with challenges, they are not meant to destroy you. They are meant to bring out the strength within you. ✨

This has been the theme of my quotes for a while now. Here are some highlights ~

With each new day comes new strength and new thoughts.
Inhale love, exhale gratitude. 💕
Surround yourself with those who see greatness within you. 🙌
You may not be able to control every situation, but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it.

As you may recall, we have been experiencing a hugely stressful situation since March 2018. It kept showing up and escalating, month after month throughout the year. It felt relentless.

Since the start of 2019, the situation has gotten the best of me.

I felt defeated, and my mood and outlook on life was seriously impacted. I allowed this stressful situation to change my perspective on everything. My relationship with my husband suffered and my children have been impacted by my negative mood. There was nothing anyone could do. No one except me.

When life presents a challenge, my first instinct is to quit. I’d rather give up and move on, then stay, fight and suffer through. I never do, but that’s my instinct. But deep down I know I cannot just quit. I cannot just run away. I have to see it though until the end.

I finally decided enough is enough.
I will not let this situation negatively impact my life any longer.
I will be better not bitter.
I will rise above the nonsense of this stressful situation.
I will not for one single second allow other people’s bizarre, unnecessary, mean, degrading, bullying, harassing and scrutinizing behavior negatively impact the happiness I deserve in my life and my children deserve anymore.

This is so close to my heart because it has to do with my home. My home is supposed to be a safe sanctuary, but instead I feel like an outsider under my own roof. I’m not going to allow that feeling to perpetuate for one more second.

What I have learned from this experience is that the strength within me lights up each time I am faced with a challenge. It just takes time to come to the surface and show its face. Can anyone else relate to this?

I cannot predict what will happen. I cannot see the future and do not know the outcome. All I know is that I have to choose to be better, stay the course, and rise above.

I know many of you know the intimate details of the stress that I am referring to, and many do not. I am sorry I cannot be more straightforward about the details, because being straightforward is one of my personality traits.

But the details actually don’t matter so much. What matters is that challenges that any of us face can destroy a person in the same exact way this challenge has done to my family.

My brother said many months ago when I was really upset about something that had happened. He said, “Jen, you are in control of how you react. It is not worth your sanity, it is not worth your well-being. You are choosing to react in this way. You need to choose differently.”

And he was right. I had to come to it in time, and now that I’m here, I feel better and more positive that I have in many months.

Challenges that life present to us my friends are gifts that bring out the strength within. We all have it. Give it time and you will see it too. ✨

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