Despite my multiple attempts to rid coffee from my life, there’s just something about summer and iced coffee that go together.  I successfully stopped drinking coffee when I did my 5-day detox in June of 2011.  After the detox I added decaf coffee back into my life.  In Januray of  2012 when I did the 10-day detox, I got rid of it completely and didn’t go back after the 10 days. (Check out my About page for detox info) I felt great without it, but when the warm weather rolled around, I have to admit, I definitely missed my iced coffee.  I had a few decaf iced coffees here and there last summer, but tried like crazy to stick to herbal tea.  I always keep a pitcher of brewed Tazo Iced Passion Tea in the refrigerator. My inspiration behind this was a Shaken Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks – YUM!  Iced Passion Tea by itself is really just as delicious and satisfying,.

Then comes baby #2… After the birth of my second baby, I still continued drinking herbal tea (I have some Teavana faves), despite my lack of sleep.  I had a few cups of decaf here and there, with a little almond milk, but tried my hardest to stick with just tea.  I just feel better without coffee in my system even though it’s decaf.  Decaf is so processed that I’m really better off without it.

Then the hot weather came, paried with utter exhaustion from waking up with a  3-month old baby at 3:00am, and I broke down and got myself a decaf Iced Coffee from Starbucks.  YUM! I hadn’t had one in so long!  It was delicious.

coffee9I remembered a few summers ago I made Perfect Iced Coffee using the cold brew method and thought, well, maybe I’ll make a little to have every so often.  I also found this recipe too.  I ground some decaf Trader Joe’s coffee beans in my Vitamix dry grains container, followed the recipe, waited 12 hours, strained my concoction with cheesecloth and… gross. It was gross.  Very, very disappointed…  Oh well, maybe it’s a sign.  “Jenny, stop drinking coffee and go back to your herbal tea you silly girl!”

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