Hey there friends ~ Do you feel the spring air, the sunshine, and maybe even the ocean, calling your name. I definitely do!!! ☀️

This time of year in New England many of us are hoping for warmer weather and more sunshine, sooner rather than later, but I one other thing I’ve noticed is that I feel more hopeful around this time of year as well. When I wake up it’s still dark, but simply hearing the chirping of the birds improves my mood. Knowing the birds chirping it’s a sign that it’s not 10 degrees out makes me smile. It’s so interesting the way our surroundings and our environment impact us in so many different ways. As someone who struggles with shorter days and colder weather, my mood is greatly affected by my surroundings. ☀️

One thing I tried really hard to implement consistently this past winter to was journaling. I feel so much better when I get it all out there. I have a tendency to hold everything in that is frustrating me, and then let   all of my feelings out in one conversation or argument, and it simply does not feel good. Journaling definitely helped, but I didn’t practice it consistently enough. The few times I did sit down to journal, one things that was clear was that I need to ask for help more often. I am admittedly not good at this. Always learning, always growing, always changing. I can’t do it all or be everything to everyone, that’s for sure. 📖

Hoping that you are feeling the spring in the air and maybe you’ve noticed your mood improved too. Here’s to a beautiful spring and all the positive changes we may experience this season. 🌺


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