Today I bring to you another post in my Vital Proteins blog post series. I hope you are enjoying these posts and are learning about all of the benefits of collagen, gelatin and so much more!

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It can take quite some time to develop the perfect skincare routine. Just when you think you’ve nailed it, then comes the challenge of picking the necessities for your travel case. Choosing which items to bring can be more difficult than planning outfits! Rest assured there are great, universal tips to keep your glow strong no matter where you roam. Read on for a few favorite skincare travel hacks.

Travel Prep

  • Increase your intake of omega-3’s
    • a couple of days prior to send off to protect your skin cells from stress and dehydration.
    • Salmon, chia seeds, walnuts, or cod liver oil are all great options with over 2,000 mg per serving
  • Avoid harsh, drying treatments
    • Our skin needs every last bit of moisture, so it’s best to bypass peels and most acids.

En Route

  • Apply a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid to support hydrated skin.
  • Under eye gels are convenient when on the go.
    • Invest in a few masks with moisturizing properties and vitamin C for a brightening effect.
    • Under eye gels are a great option. They do a great job at plumping fine lines around the eyes and decreasing puffiness.

Post Travel

  • Cleanse your face to remove dirt and oil, and to help calm down from the day’s stress.
  • Apply hydrating mask and massage:
    • Apply moisturizer on finger tips and massage the cream in upward, outward circular motions. Follow the natural muscle direction and repeat.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

  • If flying, pack an empty water bottle and refill it once you pass through security.
  • Add Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Water Stick Packs to your bag.
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