gratitudejournalRight around Thanksgiving, I decided to try a completing a 21-Day Gratitude Journal, and also encouraged the teachers at my school to do the same. I wanted to post the pictures here because I know many of my readers do not follow me on Instagram or Facebook – where the gratitude journal was originally posted.

Overall, it was an awesome exercise of gratitude. Some days were harder than others, not because I wasn’t grateful for things in my life, but just because I was feeling blah. I decided to just go with it and if I missed a day, no biggie, I just picked up where I left off. I have a tendency to be really hard on myself, and when trying to pay gratitude to all the beautiful things in life, being hard on myself has no place.

Here’s recap for your enjoyment.

Day 1 – my family

Day 2 – siblings

Day 3 – my niece Alley

Day 4 – friends

Day 5 – my parents

Day 6 – colleagues

Day 7 – yoga

Day 8 – the beach

Day 9 – sunsets

Day 10 – lifelong learning

Day 11 – strength: Strength in life, difficult situations, and yoga.

Day 12 – hope

Day 13 – precious moments

Day 14 – I am grateful for the pure joy this time of the year brings my children (holiday season).

Day 15 – I am grateful to be someone’s marigold.

My friend recently shared with me such an incredible compliment “you’re my marigold Jenny.” 🌼 Read this great article about supporting each other, especially during the first year of teaching.

Day 16 – homemade ornaments

Day 17 – our garden

Day 18 – homemade gifts for friends

Day 19 – my little blessings

Day 20 – our pantry

Day 21 – new adventures

Have you ever completed a gratitude journal? What did you think?

💚 Jenny


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