Hey everyone! I am really happy that March is here. This morning when I walked into yoga, I thought it’s going to be a good month. It has to be better than February. Around here in New England, it was a long month of cold weather and snow, not enough sunshine and some personal ups and downs.

What have I been up to? Full disclosure of my blogging struggles: I have so much to say, so much to post on the blog… I find myself often too hesitant to put it all out there, write my stories, shoot from the hip, as they say… The best blog posts are from the heart, but I’m slightly detailed oriented, and often get caught up in the small details, and the post sits in draft mode forever… I tend to over think things and then will go weeks without a post. With that said, I have been researching how to market, brand, and grow the blog. This is a goal of mine – to determine my goal so I can move forward with a clear purpose. Let me tell you, this is hard work!

HippocratesQuoteFebruary was a challenging month for me with my Hashimoto’s. I started editing a document I created last year that tells the story of my autoimmune journey and so many things came to the forefront. As I January came to an end and I finished my first Whole 30, I did a lot of reflecting, researching and questioning my symptoms. The month ended with an appointment to the endocrinologist, who is supportive of my journey trying to heal thought nutrition and lifestyle, but cannot support me in a coaching way the way I need. My blood test results are not ideal and my thyroid seems to be so far gone that I have to take medication forever possibly. It’s not ideal, and to be honest, last week at this time, I was not in a good place, but I have come to terms with the fact that medical doctors cannot support me in the way I need them to. I will continue on my healing journey and have plans for this month that will hopefully help me take some positive steps forward toward healing and feeling good again.

If you’re reading between the lines and don’t know my full story, I will eventually share it here. I promise! I have shared a pieces of my story on my About and Nutrition pages. In short, I feel like I am constantly working to figure out the why behind this wicked annoying disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. My thyroid is severely under active and because the thyroid is so important for so many systems in our bodies to work properly, when things are not working properly, one thing leads to another, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. Sometimes it feels like I take one step forward, and two or three steps backward. It’s like a constant guessing game. Because of that, I am constantly reading and researching. Some days it’s positive and I have a lot of a-ha moments. Some days it’s just exhausting and frustrating. Like I said, a lot of ups and downs. So this month of March can only go up from here. Better weather, better moods, better driving, and our youngest son’s second birthday!

What have you been up to? Are you glad March is here too?


:green_heart: Jenny

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