Good afternoon! I have another delicious recipe to share that I tried with ingredients from my CSA bounty.

Garlic Scapes… I have never heard of them before this summer.  Have you? A friend posted on Facebook how she had tons of garlic scapes from her garden.  I remember thinking, hmmm, I wonder what those are?

The very next week I had them in my CSA basket.  We got them for two weeks in a row, and I finally I found two seconds to find a recipe.  This one caught my eye – Garlic Scape Pesto.  The author says, “you haven’t lived until you’ve tried Garlic Scape Pesto,” and I have to admit, he’s kinda right! 😉  The only change I made to make it vegan was to omit the Parmesan cheese.  It was still very delicious.  We had it on rice pasta for dinner.  For my dairy eating family, I simply added the cheese to their pasta, they didn’t know the difference. Yum!

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