The tomato plants from our garden are on fire at the moment.  Every other day, Brian and Brendan come in from the garden in the evening with at least 3 mixing bowls full of Roma tomatoes.  This is only a small example.

roma tomatoes

Here they are blanched, which is a process of simply dropping them in boiling water for about 2 minutes to loosen the skins so the skins can be easily removed.

blanched roma tomatoes

I’ve already canned 6 quart-sized jars (32 oz.) and 4 pint-sized (16 oz.) of whole peeled tomatoes.  About 14 tomatoes fit in one quart-sized jar.  That’s a lot of tomatoes I’ll have ready for chili or sauce or whatever I need this fall and winter.

pint-sized whole tomatoes

My latest canning experiment was making homemade salsa.  I’ve been reading recipes around the web for canning salsa and my cousin sent me a recipe last summer so I kind of knew what to do.  This recipe has clear steps and procedures.  I pretty much followed it completely, except I changed the amount and types of peppers I used.

Saturday, I started preparing the tomatoes for salsa making. Instead of blanching them, I broiled them to remove the skins.  I halved and cored them, and took out the seeds.  Then I spread them face down out on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil and broiled them until the skins were blackened to make removing the skins easy.  After the skins were removed and the tomatoes cooled, I chopped them and added them to the stock pot.  I repeated this broiling procedure with the poblanos, jalepeños, garlic and onions.  Everything was chopped once cooled and added to the stockpot.

Waterbath canning itself takes about 45 minutes so I waited until the next day to finish.  The liquid ingredients were added and then everything was brought to a gentle boil for 10-15 minutes.  I filled the jars and prepared them for canning.  Seven pint-sized jars and 4 half-pint jars…  Do you think we have enough salsa?  Anyone want any?
Canned salsa


The entire time, Brian is saying, “are you taking pictures for your blog post?” I will definitely take more pictures of each step next time.  There are already bowls of tomatoes waiting to be picked in our garden.  Oh my… Any requests for anything, friends?

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