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I’m so happy you are here. My mission is simple: to inspire and empower individuals to feel their very best by eating whole, real foods, moving their bodies, and being mindful as we navigate our very busy and sometimes over-stressed lives.

My own nutritional journey has greatly informed me in discovering what works for my own body through my autoimmune struggles. I quickly learned that everything we consume has a role in our bodies that either helps or hurts us. As a result, I am committed to lifelong learning and understanding my body better, therefore striving for overall wellness. 

Here at Jenny Murphy | Nutrition + Wellness, I have united my love of learning, my background as an educator and my training as a nutritional therapy practitioner to bring all that I know to you, my potential client. I am passionate about helping you feel your very best.

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jenny murphy | nutrition + wellness

I offer one-one-one and small group nutrition consultation, coaching, education and support ~ providing a customized approach to meet your needs, your life, and your health. What are you waiting for? Contact me to get started today.